Saturday, January 12, 2013

Local Coin Shop Update

Went to pick up a few Franklin Halves today.  There were at least ten people waiting outside the shop when the doors opened.  After they opened up, within 15 minutes, the place was packed.  At least thirty or  forty people.  They had three or four more people behind the counter than in the past.  Looks like it was some of the regular guys' wives helping out.  While I was waiting for one of the guys to pick my Franklins out of his "junk" bucket they moved three monster boxes of ASEs and another lady picked up thirty 10 oz bars of silver.  I think I overheard at least twenty gold eagle and gold maples buys as well.  Of everyone in the shop there were only two or three people selling, the rest were buying and buying big.
This is in the Peoples' Republic of Maryland.  What it must be like in the red states, I can't imagine.
Something has got to give soon.

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