Friday, October 23, 2009

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Dollars All The Way Down

Will Grigg is... well, Will Grigg...

Since the creation of the Federal Reserve System in 1913, the dollar has lost 96 percent of its purchasing power. The fact that the dollar can be used to purchase anything of value is an abiding testimony to the power of official myths to contort the thinking process of human beings en masse.

There is nothing behind the dollar apart from the "full faith and credit" of the world's most powerful criminal syndicate -- well, that, and the willingness of oil-producing states to accept the dollar in exchange for petroleum. Cut that last lifeline, and there is nothing to impede the dollar's immediate fall into utter uselessness.

I find myself reminded of the old joke about an astrophysicist who is accosted after a public lecture by a crusty old man of decidedly pre-Copernican views of the universe.

"You seem like a very bright young fellow," the old man begins, seasoning his words with condescension he wasn't entitled to express, "but you've got it all wrong. You see, the earth is actually carried on the back of a giant turtle. That's the simple truth."

"But what supports that turtle?" inquires the astrophysicist with a mixture of amusement and annoyance."

"Why, another turtle, of course!" ripostes the old man.

"And what --" begins the increasingly irritated scholar, before being cut off.

"You're a clever fellow, but it won't work!" exclaims the old man. "It's turtles all the way down!"

Commissar Bernanke and other guardians of official monetary superstition are committed to preserving the delusion that prosperity can be sustained on the back of a currency that is backed by nothing but itself. It's dollars all the way down -- an infinite regression into worthlessness.

Pro Libertate: Have a Nice Apocalypse!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

This Deserves Quoting...

It's odd to watch the ethos of public affairs these days. Everyone seems to agree that mistakes were made in the past. People lived beyond their means. The boom created nutty financial arrangements in which people with no money and no jobs and no prospect of paying were able to enter into massive credit obligations lasting decades. Everyone seems to understand that there is something wrong here.

Where the split occurs is what to do about it. The party in power is under the belief that the way to fix a problem is to continue the practices that caused the problem in the first place, and delay for as long as possible the correction that must take place. On the other side are people who believe that reality needs to reassert itself, and the sooner the better.

Take note that I'm not talking about the need for blood in the streets or for lives to be shattered. I'm talking about moving to a different neighborhood, possibly renting rather than "owning," and generally downscaling. Is that really too much to ask? Not really, so the question appears: why is the government not insisting on this? I think the answer comes down to the banks and institutions that continue to hold bad assets. They don't want them repriced because that would be liquidation, and they are powerful enough to concoct policies that prevent that, for now.

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Sunday, October 4, 2009

Straying of teh Res...

And we all know where that leads...

Iran is challenging both the U.S. and Israel in a region of the world that we and our allies have long dominated. If they are allowed to get away with it, other “rogue” nations will get ideas, and then there’s no stopping the unraveling of the “world order” we have worked so long and hard to maintain. We may bankrupt ourselves in the process, drive the price of oil up to $200 a barrel, and start World War III—but confront them we will, of that you can rest assured. It’s only a matter of time. ~ Justin Raimondo

Iran, like Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, North Korea, Zimbabwe, the Sudan and many other countries, rejects the status of a “second-tier” country. These countries refuse to accept the authority of the Empire.

They have thrown off the yoke of colonial oppressors and have charted their own independent courses on the world stage. Their peoples are like runaway slaves who have established their own modern maroon colonies and as such are viewed as a threat to the orderly administration of the New World Order.

And they must be brought back under control, lest they serve as dangerous examples for those peoples still enslaved.
~Centre for Global Research

This is not to say that I think there is anything admirable about Iran, Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, Ecuador, North Korea, Zimbabwe, the Sudan and all the rest, but if you had been on the receiving end of the foreign policy of the people who now stand in judgment of them, say that of the United State, Britain and France, you might be acting like a bit of a terrorist yourself.

We should never, ever forget that we're ruled by psychopaths, deeply disturbed, sick shits who formulate viciously destructive policies while posing with smiles in expensive suits. ~piglipstick