Sunday, February 21, 2010

HOWARD ZINN: “Holy Wars”

I might disagree with his economic ideas, but that seems sort of minor compared to the things we agree on.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Pray for the peace of Jerusalem

Cause Void knows she isn't, not if she ever cries out Maranatha!

I already knew this having spent 10+ years as a fundamentalist, but it is interesting to hear it from the son-in-law of R. J. Rushdoony of all people...

In order for most of today’s Christians to escape physical death, two-thirds of the Jews in Israel must perish, soon. This is the grim prophetic trade-off that fundamentalists rarely discuss publicly, but which is the central motivation in the movement’s support for Israel. It should be clear why they believe that Israel must be defended at all costs by the West. If Israel were militarily removed from history prior to the Rapture, then the strongest case for Christians’ imminent escape from death would have to be abandoned. This would mean the indefinite delay of the Rapture. The fundamentalist movement thrives on the doctrine of the imminent Rapture, not the indefinitely postponed Rapture.

Every time you hear the phrase, "Jesus is coming back soon," you should mentally add, "and two-thirds of the Jews of Israel will be dead in ‘soon plus 84 months.’" Fundamentalists really do believe that they probably will not die physically, but to secure this faith prophetically, they must defend the doctrine of an inevitable holocaust.

This specific motivation for the support of Israel is never preached from any fundamentalist pulpit. The faithful hear sermons – many, many sermons – on the pretribulation Rapture. On other occasions, they hear sermons on the Great Tribulation. But they do not hear the two themes put together: "We can avoid death, but only because two-thirds of the Jews of Israel will inevitably die in a future holocaust. America must therefore support the nation of Israel in order to keep the Israelis alive until after the Rapture." Fundamentalist ministers expect their congregations to put two and two together on their own. It would be politically incorrect to add up these figures in public.

The Unannounced Reason Behind American Fundamentalism's Support for the State of Israel

I wonder what they will be saying when the children of everybody who was alive in 1948 have expired of old age and Jesus still hasn't come back...

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Another Day In Paradise

Here is a graph of my employers aggregate IP transit. I work for an ISP in DC. Many of our customers are government agencies, NGOs and the law firms that service them. It's interesting to see the effect of the Snowpocalypse on our traffic.

The Federal Government is closed again today, so I'm enjoying another day of working from home. Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Petty Tyranny

America, where are you now?

City of King Declares State of "Emergency"

On February 5th, Stokes County, NC was hit pretty hard by a snow and ice storm. Downed trees and widespread power outages plagued the county, but Cliff and I were looking forward to a primitive, powerless, technologyless weekend. Much to our chagrin, our power was restored after just 5 short hours of gas log heat, and hand cranked emergency radio listening.

DSC_7164 This morning, the sun shone brightly. The ice and snow which once covered cold branches and power lines began to slink back into the ground in a shimmery display of ice crystals and light. The weather was relatively warm, and pleasant - especially considering 12 short hours before it had been a cold, rainy, icy, snowy mess.

So. Needless to say, when we got a call from Cliff's brother, Chad, about a state of "emergency" being declared right down the road, we were shocked.

"WHAT?! ....... In STOKES county?........"

Evidently Chad and his family were out at the local Mexican food joint for an afternoon lunch in the small town of King, NC. Chad noticed the waitress posting signs about a "curfew" and not being "allowed to sell alcohol" until further notice. He learned that the City of King had sent law enforcement officials to local restaurants and business owners to inform them that no one was allowed to be out of their residential homes between the hours of 12:00am-5:00am, effective immediately.
Read it all here...

Monday, February 8, 2010

Anarchy in Real Life

Dedicated to Jonathan Blaque

Excerpted from Butler Shaffer
I am often asked if anarchy has ever existed in our world, to which I answer: almost all of your daily behavior is an anarchistic expression. How you deal with your neighbors, coworkers, fellow customers in shopping malls or grocery stores, is often determined by subtle processes of negotiation and cooperation. Social pressures, unrelated to statutory enactments, influence our behavior on crowded freeways or grocery checkout lines. If we dealt with our colleagues at work in the same coercive and threatening manner by which the state insists on dealing with us, our employment would be immediately terminated. We would soon be without friends were we to demand that they adhere to specific behavioral standards that we had mandated for their lives.

Should you come over to our home for a visit, you will not be taxed, searched, required to show a passport or driver’s license, fined, jailed, threatened, handcuffed, or prohibited from leaving. I suspect that your relationships with your friends are conducted on the same basis of mutual respect. In short, virtually all of our dealings with friends and strangers alike are grounded in practices that are peaceful, voluntary, and devoid of coercion.