Monday, April 23, 2012

My Politics

My politics, if you can call them that, are based on the premise that legitimizing the initiation of violence is destructive of civilization and social order. To go one step deeper I believe any moral tenets should be universally applicable. That is if it wrong for any individual to do something it is wrong for all. Conversely, if it is acceptable for any individual to do something, it is acceptable for all. No exceptions. If it is not universally applied, it is not morality or ethics, it is propaganda and indoctrination.

I also believe there is already a set of "laws" that preexist government legislation and statutes. If those laws were not at least nominally respected and enforced--by society itself--then humanity never would have progressed to the level of prosperity that enables the existence of government in the first place.

Don't kill people

Don't assault people

Don't lie

Don't steal

I can think of no society or civilization that did not have those rules somewhere at their core. If they did not, they would never have been able to cooperate long enough to even have a functioning society.

Everybody gives them lip service, but everyone has a thousand exceptions. I say make them universal and severely punish those who break them, no exceptions.