Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Stuck in the Cold

Senators McCain, Obama, Biden, Governor Palin, and their senior colleagues are all Cold-War leftovers—secular imperialists, really—chaffing to involve America in wars where no U.S. interests are at stake and those started by their own democracy-crusading. The difference between parties is just nuance: Republicans prefer to provide a strong, close-up whiff of gunpowder before coercively imposing their values on foreigners, while Democrats prefer raining anonymous death from 20,000 feet on foreigners, who – if they live – will have new values drilled into them. All are imperialism’s paladins and, like Rudyard Kipling and Woodrow Wilson, they are: aching to dictate their kind of freedom to various little brown brothers; willing to kill those who obstruct efforts to make the world made safe for the brand of democracy they peddle; and eager to use an M-16 or two-ton bomb if it takes that to teach their undemocratic, Muslim brothers to elect good men.

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