Tuesday, December 16, 2008

My friends in the Standing Bear Community

The Standing Bear Community was formed to provide a safe environment for individuals to experience and strengthen their spirituality through community, education, and ceremonial support for the Way of the Pipe. Our premise is Pragmatic Spirituality based in Native American Traditions and practice. We hold Ceremonies for individuals to interact with Spirit and give honor to our ancestors seven generations ago for the seven generations to come. We endeavor to keep Have One Mind and One Heart, All Things are Divine and that We are all Relations in the forefront. Therefore, this community is intended for those who truly want to learn, participate, or live this way of life. It is not for gawkers, site-seers or Wannabes. We respect that you come to Ceremony with an understanding of your spiritual path and traditions, our Ceremonies are not restricted to any specific religion, tradition or path. Ceremony is a way of life and a time for prayer.

All who come in a good way are welcome

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