Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Israel Faces No Existential Threat.

by Puck T. Smith

Jews and Muslims coexisted peacefully in the Middle East for over 1,000 years prior to the Balfour Declaration and the mass immigration of European Jews and the ethnic cleansing of the Holy Land. Jews suffered greater persecution by the Crusaders than they ever did by Muslims.

Neither Syria nor Lebanon want a war with Israel, they know it would be suicide. Israel has at least 100 nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. Jordan and Egypt both have peace treaties with Israel. Neither Saudi Arabia nor Iran have common borders with Israel, they also hate each other as much as much if not more than they hate Israel. Neither has the capability to wage a military campaign against Israel. The most they could hope to do would be an air strike or a missile attack, assuming Iraq, Jordon, Syria or Egypt stood idly by while their sovereignty was violated. And I repeat, Israel has at least 100 nuclear weapons and the means to deliver them. There is no existential threat to Israel. However, Israel also knows it does not have to make any effort whatsoever to live peaceably with anyone in the region because the United States gives it totally unqualified support no matter what it does.

If that support were removed Israel would either reach an accommodation with the Palestinians or it would become a pariah state much like South Africa was before it abolished Apartheid.

More importantly than any of that, the United States has no national interest in this conflict. If by some miracle Muslims were able to conquer Israel, or if Israel were to exterminate the Palestinians completely there would be no threat to the United States as a result. However, if either of those eventualities occurred while the United States was still giving billions of dollars a year to Israel every Muslim in the world be an enemy of every US citizen they encounter anywhere on the planet. On top of all of that we cannot afford it. The United States economy is about one shock away from collapsing. If we continue to attempt to garrison and bribe the entire planet much longer it won't matter who is killing who in the Middle East because we are either going to be killing each other here or experiencing Orwell's vision of the future: a boot on the face of humanity, forever.


Ancient Mariner said...

I'm sorry, Puck, but I have to call BS on this post. The "Palestinians" had no interest in this piece of land until the Israeli's - who lived on it until driven off - resumed tenancy.

Israel could have a thousand nuclear weapons, but is still at risk of sufficient destruction by only one nuclear weapon delivered by Iran (or whoever). Sensible, rational human beings would accept the deterrence of mutual destruction, but madmen - such as radical islamists willing to commit suicide to kill Jews - may not be deterred.

And as for America doing anything/everything for Israel, where have you been the last two administrations? Does Camp David ring a bell? Do you think Obama has been helpful to Israel? How about Carter?

Give me a break, Puck. I haven't read enough of you yet to determine if you are actually an anti-Semitie or not, but I don't think I could wade through much more ignorant tripe such as this.

It's too bad our mutual interest in freedom, the 2nd Amendment, and small government has to be negated by what appears to be blind hatred toward Israel.

Puck T. Smith said...

Here are the three posts I've made about Israel:

I'll let you decide if you think I am antisemitic. I say I'm not, but I can't dictate the content of your thoughts.

I will say that I am an anarchist. I am opposed to all governments. Most of my ire is aimed at the US since the US government is currently demonstrating why governments are the worst form of social organization and by far the most dangerous.

Ancient Mariner said...


I'll give you slack for being against government, but why shouldn't the Jews have a homeland? Theirs was taken from them, and they have been hounded from every place they have been since. I hate our government, but don't believe we have no right to America, simply because we dispossessed the natives after we got here. (Although I think Custer got part of what he deserved. Perhaps not the same pain the Indians felt at his hands, but a good taste of it, anyway.)

I apologize for jumping to the notion you _might_ be anti-Semitic, but the Israelis don't deserve to be hounded and exterminated by the "Palestinians" simply because Jordan didn't want to take them in as had been the original plan. The Brits didn't treat them very well even after "giving" them a homeland, so I don't blame them for their violence in the early years. Thank goodness some of the Jews were finally willing to fight. They were certainly out of places to run to, don't you think?

Whatever help they have received from America - scant little recently - was in our government's best interest. It certainly wasn't love, altruism, or charity on our part. And the Israelis shouldn't have to suffer for the faults of their government, nor for our government or the governments and terrorist organizations of the Arabs/Persians/islamists that surround them.

Why should they _hope_ that Iran won't follow through on their openly-declared intention of totally destroying Israel? Should their people suffer for the sins of their government? Come on, fella. I know you can do better than that.