Monday, December 7, 2009

Wow, Just Wow.

It's weird how I sometimes find things that reinforce my conclusions after I reach them.
The only way to effectively bring about a revolution for the betterment of mankind is to reach the individual. The message is simple: You are freedom. You are peace. You are love. You are truth. You mustn’t wait for anyone else. You mustn’t be afraid. You mustn’t worry that mass murderers are continually lauded as bringers of peace. It will continue. But we needn’t continue along with it. They’ve set the table, but what they’re serving is rancid leftovers. Walk away. It will feel better when you do it in your own way, not the way some charismatic leader tells you to. If you are willing, you are The Prince of Peace. ~ B.R. Merrick

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Kent McManigal said...

Yep. That is a very good one, and so very true. It is the same thing I have been trying to tell people in a less poetical way.