Monday, January 24, 2011

Yes, But What About...?

Question: Does Anarcho-Capitalism have a solution to [insert pet issue here]?

Answer: Yes. The aggregated expression of distributed human choice through market behavior.

If people continue to express their lack of care and foresight through their economic decisions nothing will change. Forcing compliance on uncaring and unenlightened people will accomplish nothing.

If people begin to express wisdom through that same process then nothing can prevent positive change.

In either case, no amount of coercion can prevent human choice from expressing itself. Humanity gets the world it chooses. No law can ever stop that.


Definition of terms in the order they appear, both above and in these definitions:

1) Anarchy: Without rulers, not without rules.

2) Capitalism: A system of social organization based on free choice, voluntary exchange and respect for property.

3) Market behavior: Voluntary human interaction in a social context.

4) Economic: Of, or relating to, human choice and human action in the material world.

5) Property: The claim of exclusive control and use of resources.

6) Resources: Those things required for the continuation of life and the improvement of its quality, including, but not limited to, material, psychological, social and spiritual needs.

If you define any of those terms differently we're not talking about the same thing. I do not claim the "right" definitions, I am simply letting you know the ideas I am trying to convey when I use those words. If you want a semantic argument talk to Noam Chomsky. If you want to discuss ideas then I'm listening.

I would be remiss if I did not credit Ludwig Von Mises, Butler Shaffer and Abraham Maslow for the clarity they have brought to my thinking.

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