Monday, July 20, 2009

10th Amendment Test Coming?

ATF to Tennessee: We're above your law

On Friday, we saw the letter ATF sent to FFL dealers in Tennessee telling them the Bureau was overriding the state's Firearms Freedom Act, and would continue to impose federal requirements in disregard of state law.

The law states that “federal laws and regulations do not apply to personal firearms, firearm accessories, or ammunition that is manufactured in Tennessee and remains in Tennessee. The limitation on federal law and regulation stated in this bill applies to a firearm, a firearm accessory, or ammunition that is manufactured using basic materials and that can be manufactured without the inclusion of any significant parts imported into this state.”

ATF to Montana: 'You will respect our authoritah!'

They've done the same thing to Montanans.

Under the new law, guns intended only for Montana would be stamped "Made in Montana." The drafters of the law hope to set off a legal battle with a simple Montana-made youth-model single-shot, bolt-action .22 rifle. They plan to find a "squeaky clean" Montanan who wants to send a note to the ATF threatening to build and sell about 20 such rifles without federal dealership licensing.

If the ATF tells them it's illegal, they will sue and take the case all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court, if they can.

As a side note, go ahead and see for yourself the utter lack of coverage on this development by any of the "mainstream" media outlets--newspapers, networks, websites...time was, a free press acted as a government watchdog.

We've seen similar efforts in other states, notably Montana, Minnesota, South Carolina, Florida, Texas...

So, does anyone think this is going to go anywhere? Will someone have the cojones to back the 10th amendment all the way?

Or is it just going to validate my favorite Spooner quote?

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