Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Heath Care: Two links and a video

A blogger by the name of "Scarecrow" in discussing an episode of Glen Beck observed

When arguing health care with someone who wants Obama's plan to pass, the correct tack to take is: Obama's plan is just more of the same Washington interference that got us into this mess in the first place. Everything that has grown worse about American health care in the past few decades will only multiply under Obama's plan.

The caller on Beck's program asks him what he would do to fix health care. Beck has no answer for her. Conservatives have an untenable position on this issue. Health care is the number one concern of most Americans, but what needs to be done to improve it isn't politically feasible. Step 1 would be to abolish Medicare/Medicaid and all related programs. Step 2 would be to abolish the FDA and legalize all drugs. Step 3 - strip the AMA of its political power to restrict the number of licensed doctors. Private companies should come up with their own standards and certifications for medical providers, as happens in every functional industry in the world. Step 4 is to remove all laws specific to health care, and allow consumers and businesses to operate and innovate freely.

Instead of defending America's system, Beck should have told the caller she could have it to do with what she will, and in exchange, he and anyone else should be free to opt out entirely and create their own health care system, one that is free from any government involvement at all.

Read it here: Don't Let Yourself Get Caught Defending American Health Care

Elsewhere he turns what some might call very persuasive defense of single payer upside down and inside out with two short paragraphs bracketing someone else words. You really should read the whole thing, both to see the force of what we are up against, and the ease with which Scarecrow neutered it.

In a great bit of irony, leftist site Blog For Our Future did a fantastic analysis showing that our health care system is at least 2/3 government controlled already! For some reason, they think this is evidence in favor of giving government complete control...

Read it all here: The Numbers, Cold and Clear. We Already Have Socialized Medicine.

And then there is Stefan Molyneux at his rhetorical peak hurling truth like javelins and greatly in need of a proofreader. Of the videos I've watched this is his best so far.

True News 46: Health Care Part 1

At the very core is a coercive monopoly on violence and their guns are pointed at you.

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