Tuesday, September 18, 2012

I've probably posted something like this before

But it bears repeating. Often.

When we are children we all are taught what I consider to be a pretty good set of rules:
1)Don't hit or hurt people. Violence doesn't solve anything.
2)Don't lie.
3)Don't take other people's stuff.
For the most part kids get it.
The problem is for the next twelve years or so we are taught all the exceptions:
1)Unless you are a soldier or a cop.
2)Unless is for national security, to prevent a panic or to protect someone's feelings.
3)Unless you call it taxes, asset forfeiture or eminent domain.
One set of rules for the common folk, another set for our leaders.
If morality doesn't apply to everyone it is not morality, it is ideology and propaganda.
Is it any wonder most people can be lead around by their noses?  They have no firm principle to stand on.

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