Sunday, September 16, 2012

War clouds gathering

I spent Saturday afternoon at the Values Voters Summit in DC. Normally I would not go to such a thing because I am no longer a Christian and the treatment Ron Paul got from his own party in both 2007-8 and 2011-12 makes me want to have nothing to do with the Religious Right. However, a friend and colleague of mine paid my way and there was an pretty good breakout session on "Surviving the Coming Economic Earthquake" which we both wanted to attend. Also I just wanted to hang out with my friend cause we don't see each other enough.

At any rate, there was another breakout session called "Radical Islam 101" which I also wanted to attend at least partially because of all the folderol over that video. I'm not one to ignore the position of others just because I have some disagreements with them so I wanted to let them present their case. I definitely learned a few things. I have never been soft on Islam. I am an atheist. I think all religions--particularly the monotheistic ones--are irrational and they stunt the advancement of civilization, but I do have to admit that of the Big Three Islam is the worst. The presentation today definitely reinforced that opinion.

But the big takeaway I got from that seminar was this: we are headed for a war that's going to make Afghanistan and Iraq look like a picnic. As Bob Dylan once said "The line it is draw, the curse it is cast." There are intractable factions on both sides--fueled by the aforementioned irrationality--that will not quit until the blood is flowing as deep as a horse's bridle. This is what they want. They will not be happy until they have destroyed everything.

Fuck Islam, fuck Judaism, fuck Christianity. You lunatics are going to get us all killed for a fairy tale. I know each group thinks God is going to save them because they are his special little jewel, but I've got news for you: when the shooting starts your invisible friend will be nowhere to be found and if anyone survives what's coming they are going to piss on your moldering corpses for the miserable ruin of a world you've left them.

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