Saturday, August 18, 2012

Am I pushing the envelope?

I can understand why people might not like Louis Farrakhan. He has been absolutely pilloried by the mainstream media and organizations like the SPLC and the ADL. The same people call Ron Paul supporters dangerous extremists. I'm not going to defend everything about him or the Nation of Islam, but one of the main emphasis Farrakhan and the NOI have is on self-sufficiency rather than dependence upon government and nothing in this video is any different from what you might hear on Infowars, the Daily Bell or any other "right wing" alternative news source.

As I said about Ann Barnhardt, I dismiss some of the more extreme positions she takes, but she it speaking truth about the financial markets and attacking her character does not diminish the content of her message. Farrakhan scares the bejezus out many white people, but I for one would rather deal with a hundred men like him than one Al Sharpton.

Your mileage may vary.

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