Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Since I don't do ad hominem...

...I will say right up front that Ann Barnhardt is a fire breathing Catholic fundamentalist who is obsessed with islamofascism, but she was also a successful commodity futures trader. She knows the financial system from the inside. In this video she is talking about her area of expertise. By way of comparison, I would dismiss anything Bono has to say about politics, but if he were giving a lecture on the workings of the pop music business I would be a fool not to listen to what he was saying.

So, with that bit of background I offer this...

If you still have money in a 401-K or an IRA get out NOW!

I dumped my 401-K last year and bought precious metals. Every month I buy a modest amount of silver. I keep just enough money in my checking account to cover my bills each month. This is not a game. They, and by they I mean the federal government and the Wall Street banks, are going to take your money. It is inevitable. You have been warned. When it happens--and it will--you will have no one to blame but yourself.

Don't come asking me or all the others who have telling you about this for help unless you bring something of real value to trade.

The people who actually create wealth and produce value have been carrying the rest long enough. Grow a pair and do something while you still can.

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