Sunday, August 5, 2012

Things I've found, August 5, 2012

Ricky Gervais on Noah's Ark

Note: TIL God is not gay :)

Seven-foot long minifig-scale Serenity model is a Lego masterpiece

Note: Shiney

Adrian Drake spent 475 hours over the course of 21 months to build this painstakingly accurate model of Firefly's Serenity entirely out of Lego bricks. The result is this 135-pound, seven-foot long, 70,000-brick beauty that looks especially shiny paired with its minifig crew.

Economic Equality

Note: "If I can go through life free and rich, I shall not cry because my neighbor, equally free, is richer. Liberty will ultimately make all men rich; it will not make all men equally rich. Authority may (and may not) make all men equally rich in purse; it certainly will make them equally poor in all that makes life best worth living."~Benjamin Tucker

Hat tip to my good friend Brandon Clayton

Watch robbers run for the door after woman shoots at them

Note: Beautiful. Go Granny, go Granny, go Granny, go.

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