Monday, August 13, 2012

Pharaoh he sits in his tower of steel...

There was a time when court houses seemed to be designed as temples of Justice.

No more.

Here we have the Montgomery County Maryland Judicial Center.

More than anything, it seems it would have been at home in Moscow during the 1950s; the very best of Soviet Architecture--both imposing and bland.

They seemed to have picked the highest ground in the area. It towers over the city and it stands out on the horizon from every direction like a medieval castle, ensuring all and sundry know who is in charge.

The difference, among other things, is castles did not bristle with antennae. I'm sure both the Soviets and the feudal lords would envy such advancements.

And if it weren't already large enough, here in the Great Recession they've still managed to fund an expansion.

I can only wonder how much of the money is coming from the Department of Homeland Security?

Sleep well, peasants, your wise overlords are more powerful than ever and ever vigilant against the threats surrounding them: you and me.

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